by The Tailwinds

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The Tailwinds returns to its hard rock, progressive and alternative metal roots. There's a good variety on this album; loud n fast rockers like the party anthem Firecracker and the string-busting riff blast of Goodbye, as well as the dark sludge of Boulder. The Tailwinds also delve into epic territory with the five-part suite Fallen Leaf.


released March 22, 2015

Ryan Ham plays drums and percussion.
Attila Horvath writes the songs, sings and plays everything else.


all rights reserved



The Tailwinds Athens, Ohio

Attila Horvath- guitar and vocals

Chris Hull-bass

Ryan Ham-drums

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Track Name: Firecracker
Firecracker firecracker sis-boom-bah
One for the shitholes one for the bars
Volume at 11 sounds about right
For the drunken motherfuckers looking for a fight
Casa Cantina and The Union too
Jackie O’s pub where they make their own brew
Head down to The Skull for heavy metal night
Leather-clad bikers on PBR highs

The walls are shakin’ this forsaken hole is gonna burn down
We’ll light the fuse you can’t refuse the power of this town
A hand grenade serenade it’s like a firecracker

Alcoholic smokin’ chronic breakin’ the law
Move on through the night we’re gonna wait for the dawn
Lunar light is shinin’ gonna make my own way
Portion of distortion ‘cause rock n roll pays


Where do lies go once they are told
First our thoughts are bought and then sold
Drowning sorrows celebrate
Amplified in altered states

Track Name: Goodbye
Goodbye good riddance it’s your time to go
Goodbye good riddance you’ve worn out your welcome as you know
An object at rest just can’t be stopped
Lazy motherfucker just can’t be taught
Goodbye good riddance to your melodramatic show

Goodbye to the pittance that you threw my way
Goodbye to the annoyance of your presence everyday

Acrimony I must confess I won’t miss your constant mess
Goodbye good riddance
Track Name: When You Were Mine
It feels like I’ve been run down
It feels like I’ve run aground
Preoccupied lovers so into each other
Like no one’s around
Standing alone here endangered and stoned
Fearing the worst is now

Bow my head down hide behind my collar
Cannot see right cannot see kind
Shuffle away wish I could remember
The feeling I felt when you were mine

It feels like I’m slipping away
It feels like the night is the day
Preoccupied lovers so into each other
There’s hardly a sound
Standing alone here and growing weary
The future’s now


Water is pounding on my metal roof tonight
Cannot sing I cannot fight
Water fills my eyes
Destination still unknown forever I’ll be all alone
Track Name: Fallen Leaf: Falling Down/ She'll Pay/ Fist To The Wall/ Headlights In The Distance/ Breathe Again
The stains are fading from her face
Ashen lines from blank and black eyes tonight
The pain still shows it’s hard to hide
If only there was somewhere to go
Woods so dark road so far
Run so hard follow the stars
Follow the stars

Falling down face down in a field
Clawing up the steep rocky mountainside
Out of her bondage and into the dark
Out of her prison gotta make a new start
Falling down face down in a field
Clawing up the steep rocky mountainside
Out of her nightmare and into the dark
Out of her prison gotta make a new start

Line was drawn it was crossed
Beaten by a callous man
Crimes were done in plain sight
Ain’t nobody gonna choose that plan
Losers and abusers do what they do only ‘cause they can
Silence equals violence it’s like blood on everybody’s hands


Morning light melts away the frost
Curving road leads the stricken and the lost for now
The pain still shows it’s hard to hide
If only there was somewhere to go
Road so long road so far
Follow the signs follow the stars
Follow the stars

Robin thinks she can get away
But when I find her
She’s gonna pay
She won’t get far she’s got nothing but her feet
No brain in her head no money she’s stupid and weak
She thinks she can get away

She’s mine for all time
She’ll pay someday
My gun is her fate
My rules my way

She took my key and unlocked the door
She took everything I got nothing more
She’s got my gun and my cash
That bitch has got guts and my only stash
She thinks she can get away


My head feels like lead
My hand bloody and broken
My fist to the wall
She’s gonna suffer she’s gonna crawl
My safe violated
She snagged the key while I was blacked out
She’s armed but with my rage
I’m gonna throw her back in her cage

Where’s she’s gone I can’t imagine
She’s got no family nowhere to run to
She’s lost her mind but she will see
She can’t live her life without me
‘Cause I’m the man and she’s the girl
She’ll come back ‘cause I’m her world
By the time I get sober her little vacation will be over

I’ll put my thumb out and I will see
If someone can finally help me
See some headlights in the distance
Coming toward me as the day
A car is slowing and I’m growing anxious will I catch a break
Out of state plates and two women driving for two more long days

Oh my god girl get in the car what happened to you
How long you been out here
My name is Rachel this is June
Where do you need to go
Do you need something to eat
We’re going a pretty long way all the way to the California beach

Now that I’m away from him
I feel I can breathe again
So long a prisoner of his cruelty
Sisters have taken me where I can break away
Where I’ll sing like a bird at the break of day

Here I’m alone alive
Feeling like a fallen leaf
Out on a windy day
But not a fool of anyone

Not a fool of anyone
Track Name: Sign Of The Times
All these mornings feel the same
Got no one but me to blame
Stuck in a spillway
At the start of a new day
All my life just seems like a waste
Playing makes my fingers hard
Shuffling this deck of cards
Needing a new place
Wanting a new face
All my life seems like it’s slipping away

Smooth walls leading to a barbed wire fence
It’s just a sign of the times
Sign of the times
Chain link wrapped around the legs of tables
It’s a sign of the times
Sign of the times

All this time lost in the dark
There’s no finish there’s no start
Ruts getting deeper
Climbs getting steeper
All my life seems like it’s starting to fray
Hanging in and hanging on
Blinds are closed and curtains drawn
Needing a new place wanting a new pace
All my life the colors fading grey


Flowers fade away
Witness the decay
Breaking down perfection
No nothing lasts forever
With the sun we’re one
Set and risings come
Still it seems like it’s always dark
How do we get the hell out of here

Track Name: Do
Between the rain and the coming dark
The road still wet to reflect the stars
Time to myself cold to the bone
Time to myself just free to roam

Do do while I can
Flow like the water does
Do do while I can
And harden these muscles

The light still shines in the western sky
Orange to peach and then the colors die
Remember when this is ever gone
Enjoy the sound of my body’s song

Track Name: None Of The Above
How many more times will the curtain arise in this pageant of contradiction
Hot air blowin’ so free there’s nothing to see but a race of consolidation
How many more times will the rich man’s cries drown out all of the desperation
Marching claiming the streets ain’t much of a feat without a party of revelation
Given the choice I pick none of the above

How many more times will our hopes arise despite all the complications
Promises starting to fade showing a charade to chip away at our foundations
How many more time do we swallow the crimes the ritual fabrication
Smiling shaking of hands ain’t enough to defend a systematic degradation
Given the choice I pick none of the above

In this pageant of false impression
Self-fulfilling prophecy
Lesser of two evils struggle
A mockery of democracy
In this game of blame denial
Self-delude and advertise
Distorting facts taking credit
Swinging lies to hypnotize

Hawks disguised as doves
Long ago we had enough
The decision ain’t so tough
The box to check is none of the above

Track Name: Grey Road Grey Sky
I can feel the rainwater seeping into my clothes
I can see the fog forming on the glasses upon my nose
It’s been raining all through the night and all the morning besides
And if I need to take a drink I’ll tilt my head up and open wide

I’m on a grey road under a grey sky
It don’t matter ‘cause I’m gonna ride
I’m on a grey road under a grey sky
It don’t matter ‘cause I’m gonna fly

Gotta do what I gotta do ‘cause I ain’t taking no SAG
Grab my gear I get up and go you know it ain’t that bad
I’m soakin’ wet with a smile on my face rolling out of the Natchez Trace
Down to Chickasaw in Tennessee and that’s where the sunshine is gonna be

Track Name: In My Time
No I’m not afraid of dying
My deepest fear is not living at all
So in my time gonna keep on trying
Gonna swing this hammer til I break down this wall

No there ain’t a point in trying
To alter facts nobody can stall
So in my time gonna keep from sighing
Gonna turn this axe into a wrecking ball
Track Name: Guilty
Who needs conspiracies
When there are eyes in the sky watching for you and me
Heat-seeking trouble with economy
Pre-emptive signals pulsing will decree
We’re all guilty

Time lost and time forgot
The powers of perversion will not ever stop
Insecure and powerful are at the top
People of the street are running from the cops
We’re all guilty

Moon silver black barred window
No water and no fire
White temple floating in the darkness
Stoning victims higher
Fragile circles are gone
Through golden mountain fields
Drowned in lakes and burned on high
Evil ancient always revealed

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